Mt. Hood Rock Company History


The story of Mt. Hood Rock starts back in 1969 when a local family was in need of a new driveway. The sons of a high school teacher took to paving and soon, parent company Jim Turin & Sons was founded. Mt. Hood Rock was created by Jim Turin & Sons in 1988 and has been providing crushed rock and aggregate to the great Mt. Hood area since.

Company History

Jim Turin and Sons began in the summer of 1969 by local high school teacher and coach, Jim Turin. The family needed their driveway to be paved, so Jim rented a five yard dump truck and recruited his four sons to rake and shovel. The boys, ages eight to 13, took to the paving work. In the following summers, as neighbors noticed the great workmanship, Jim took on additional small driveway jobs as a way to both keep his children busy and supplement his seasonal income. As driveway paving grew into the paving of local tennis courts and small parking lots, Jim Turin and Sons incorporated in 1974. Throughout the 1970's, the company began specializing in tennis courts and tracks, completing over 400 jobs throughout the Northwest. The small business venture began to expand and Jim retired from teaching and coaching to focus his attention on his burgeoning business.

In 1983, an asphalt plant was purchased and Mt. Hood Asphalt Products was created. Located in the Mt. Hood National Forest, the asphalt plant was positioned in the Brightwood Quarry, which was later purchased by Jim Turin and Sons. The quarry, acquired in 1988, established a new company doing business as Mt. Hood Rock Products.

All three companies have experienced phenomenal growth since the days of small driveway paving. The four boys of the original “crew” have now taken over and expanded into large government paving jobs, the selling and hauling various sizes of aggregate from their quarry and most recently, to manufacturing a custom recycled asphalt system. While the companies have grown, they continue to pave driveways, as well as highways and everything in between.