Mt. Hood Rock & Gold Rush Alaska

Gold Rush Alaska
Mt. Hood Rock was featured on Discovery Channel's show Gold Rush Alaska when quarry manager Dave Turin flew up as an outside consultant to help the miners get their operation setup properly. The show features a group of Oregonians who move to Alaska to mine gold.

Mt. Hood Rock is also scheduled to appear in the episode airing on Friday, January 28th.

Featured Videos and Content

Season 2

Behind The Scenes: Fun on the Claim

It's not all work on the claim. In this deleted scene the guys mess around and have a little fun between work time.

Behind The Scenes: Vehicle Battleground

The environment in Alaska is very unforgiving. This deleted scene shows some of the challenges of working in the wilderness.

Behind The Scenes: Miners Speak Out

The miners share their thoughts on why they are risking so much to mine for gold.

Season 1

Bring in the Expert

In this episode Mt. Hood Rock Quarry Manager Dave Turin travels back to Alaska to help the miners streamline their process and get to gold.

Firing up the Miners

In this episode Dave Turin, Mt. Hood Rock Vice President and Quarry Manager, traveled to Alaska as a consultant to help the miners fine tune their equipment and get everything running smoothly.

Portland Tribune: A Golden Opportunity

Mt. Hood Rock received a short mention in this article talking about Gold Rush Alaska and the local businesses that have helped the cast of the show out. Click here for the full article.