Mt. Hood Rock Awards and Recognition

At Mt. Hood Rock we value our clients and strive to provide them with a consistent product that will exceed the competition every time. Our high standard for quality has led us to become the recipients of quite a few awards over time and we thought we would share some of them below. Without our continuous strive for excellence and hard working employees these recognitions would not have been possible.

Awards we Have Won

Each year, through the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, the Mineral Land Regulation and Reclamation Program recognizes outstanding reclamation in several categories. Through the awards program, the positive aspects of the mining industry are recognized. The DOGAMI likes to identify those operators who excel at the day-to-day operations of a site, perform high-quality reclamation, and involve their companies in community service, or work to meet the goals of the Oregon Plan.

The Mineral Lands Regulation and Reclamation program at DOGAMI serves as a steward of the state’s mineral production, while encouraging best practices within the industry. MLRR’s goals include environmental protection, conservation, effective site reclamation, and operational guidance regarding other engineering and technical issues.

Mt. Hood Rock Products was nominated for Operator of the Year in 2002. For their continued focus on best management practices through the orderly development of this quarry in very steep terrain includes successful on-going efforts to meet storm water discharge challenges in an area that typically receives 80 - 100 inches of rain a year, MHR won the Operator of the Year Award in 2010.

Awards won by parent company jim turin & Sons

Jim Turin & Sons, Inc. has received over 15 awards throughout the years, including seven first place honors. JT&S contends yearly in the various categories, from awards for rural roads to smoothness and state highways. The sheer number of awards JT&S has won, only goes to show their commitment to excellence.

Year Project Name Category Place
2010 US 27: Salmon River Bridge-East Lolo Pass Road, MP 37.10-41.60 State Hwy-Low Volume 2nd
2008 Metzler Park Paving, Park Entrance Rural Road 3rd
2007 Music Camp & McCabe Road PAving Package, Firwood Road to Hwy 26 Rural Road 1st
2006 Boring & 362nd PAving Package, 32nd to Bluff Road Rural Road 2nd
2005 Bohna Park Road, 242 to Fillstrom Road Rural Road 1st
2005 US 26: ZigZag to Rhododendron, MP 42.22 to 43.50 Smoothness 3rd
2004 Barlow Trail Road, Brightwood Bridge Road to Lolo Pass Road Rural Road 2nd
2003 Trubel-Bornstedt Project Rural Road 3rd
2003 Timberline Road State Hwy 1st
2002 Firwood-Howlett Paving Package Rural Road 3rd
1998 Mt. Hood Hwy, MP 27-30 State Hwy 1st
1997 Damascus Community Church Commercial/Industrial 1st
1997 USFS Office Building Commercial/Industrial 3rd
1991 White River Road Forest Road 2nd
1991 Lost Creek Barrier Campground Special Project 1st
1989 Oregon Episcopal School Track & Field Facility 1st